Hello World!

Hello! My name is Kairav Maniar; I am a Junior in High School, and this blog will document my journey through a Java for Beginners MOOC. I am participating in a independent study at my school for Computer Programming, and after taking the basic course, I’ve moved up to a more advanced level, into Java. […]

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Woah – What Happened?

Hello again! So much has happened since my last update.¬†As I mentioned, I had finished the MOOC portion of my independent study and was planning on moving on to a book specialized in Android app development (which was originally the endgame for the course).However, my school’s version was a year old – however, in the […]

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Week 7: Update

Hello again! I have finally finished the first 53 tutorials in the Udemy MOOC on Java for Complete Beginners! This completes the online portion of my independent study – I will now be going through a book on Java to further my knowledge of using Java in terms of creating an Android application. The final […]

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Week 6: Update

Hello! Over the past few weeks I have covered 15 tutorials in the Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners MOOC on Udemy. These lessons have covered an extremely broad range of topics that I will now attempt to delve back into! Some of the earlier tutorials went over material involving classes and methods. I learnt about […]

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Week 5: Update

Hello everybody! I apologize for the delay in this update (it’s been a while) – however, the more time that has elapsed, the more fun I’ve had with coding in Java! Since the last update, I’ve covered a few more tutorials, on classes and objects, methods, return values and getters, as well as created a […]

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Week 4: Update

Hello there! This past week I have been looking at Arrays; this covered Tutorials 14-16. Arrays are a little complicated – there’s a lot of different ways to use them. The basic syntax was pretty simple, but there’s numerous different details that occasionally get confusing. Arrays can be multi-dimensional, meaning they have more than one […]

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Week 3: Update

Hello again! This week I’ve continued my progress through the Udemy MOOC on Java, with Tutorials 12 – 15. I learned about how to get user input in Java and use that in some new types of loops, and also began getting into arrays. Getting user input was not too difficult. I learned how to […]

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Week 2: Update

Hello! This week I continued my progress through the Udemy MOOC Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners. I completed Tutorials 7 – 11, which focused mainly on creating different types of variables and loops in Java. It began with the “Primitive Variables”, which are as follows (I’ll explain their function a little further down): -int (stores […]

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